Vision for Our Schools

Julie Hummer is running for the Anne Arundel County Public Schools Board of Education, District 4 seat. Julie has served on the Board since 2015, and she looks forward to continuing her work to ensure a quality education for every child. From her career as a special education teacher to her role as mother to five AACPS students, Julie’s adult life has been committed to serving children. She believes every child deserves a quality education to prepare him or her to be college and career ready. She has fought and will continue to fight for equitable resources to meet the needs of every student, reduction of class sizes, capital funds to modernize aging schools, and school choice options. Thank you for trusting Julie to advocate for ALL children.

In the Classroom

Over the past 2 1/2 years, I have visited over 50 of our schools in order to see our teachers and students in action. AACPS is a leader in providing school choice options for families through our unique Signature programs, magnet programs, and charter and contract schools. These programs enhance the instruction and innovation in all of our schools and classrooms. As a Board member, I support and encourage teachers to pursue new and challenging lessons through increased project-based learning opportunities and educator-created  curriculum. Our school system has made closing the achievement gaps for reading proficiency in second grade, increasing middle school math achievement,  and ninth grade promotion in high school a priority. Upon entering any of classrooms, we should be able to see progress toward those goals.

In the Community

Schools are a microcosm of the communities they serve. To be successful, a school has to be an important part of its community. It takes parent outreach and involvement, service learning, and  business partnerships. As a parent, I have spent the past decade working in collaboration with my children’s schools and local businesses to provide enrichment opportunities to enhance the education of all students. As a Board member, I have taken an active role in meeting and collaborating with parents through the Citizens Advisory Council, Special Education Advisory Council, and the local PTAs/PTOs. We must listen to our families to most effectively serve our students.  I began my advocacy career by working closely with the school system and local developers to realize a public/private partnership to bring a contract school to west Anne Arundel county in order to alleviate overcrowding. From this experience, I learned first hand the importance of all segments of the community working together to achieve the best educational opportunities for all students. I will continue to foster these relationships through public private partnerships for facilities and mentoring and internship opportunities for all students.